John Horler

Not A Cloud In The Sky
“Probably best known for his long collaboration with John Dankworth and Cleo Laine, John Horler is a quiet, dedicated, gently humorous man, the kind of musician whose work steals up on you. His piano playing, almost placid on the surface, is full of unexpected turns and hidden surprises. He is joined for this set by Sam Mayne, a splendid young alto saxophonist making his recording debut as a featured soloist. Throughout these nine pieces, mostly Horler's compositions, there is a marvellous rapport between them, elegantly supported by bassist Chris Lawrence and drummer Spike Wells.”
Dave Gelly – The Observer Sunday 23 January 2011

Lost Keys
“Musicians know John Horler as one of the finest jazz pianists that Britain has ever produced, but his name is rarely banded about by the fans. This mixed set of standards and originals should be heard by anyone with a taste for melodic invention and sophisticated harmony, both Horler specialities.”
Dave Gelly – The Observer John Horler at piano

Interactions –
Acoustic Triangle
“How often do you hear truly acoustic jazz these days. That’s what we have here, played by three of Britain’s finest contemporary musicians. They describe their music as melodic modern jazz with classical influences, which is accurate as far as it goes , but modesty leaves out words such as ‘exquisite’ and ‘inspired‘.”
Dave Gelly – The Observer

Gentle Piece
“A most impressive recording by a pianist who demands to be heard. Horler has a beautiful touch and is an imaginative melodic swinging improviser with technique to spare.”
Doug Campbell – Jazz Notes

“Horler has a personal lyricism, formed from a subtle economy and a fine sense of sonority.”
Stuart Broomer – Cadence

“Horler’s own compositions Astra and Solid Silver abound in jazz at once searching and consistently melodic.”
Richard Palmer – Jazz Journal

“A lyrical, deceptively muscular exploration of standards and originals that pays equal attention to solo virtuosity and intricate dialogue... I’ve been singing Horler’s praise for years now, and Lee deserves no less.”
Richard Palmer – Jazz Journal

Children’s Hour
“Everything we hear is high quality Jazz improvisation.....this is music for serious listening by all who claim to appreciate jazz artistry.”
Eddie Blackwell – Jazz Journal

Sorry It’s Been So Long
“The group plays with world class elegance...... Horler’s account of A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square might even go down as one of the songs greatest jazz versions.”
John Fordham – The Guardian

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